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A clean, constant flow of water is one of the benefits of our modern society, but keeping that water clean is everyone’s responsibility. After all, polluted water can be a danger to both the environment and our health.

Part of keeping water clean in Brisbane is backflow prevention devices. Today we’re going to explain what they are, why they’re important and when you might need one.

Understanding Backflow

Before we can tackle backflow prevention devices we need to have a look at what exactly backflow is. Basically, it comes back to that issue of clean water, especially when it comes to drinking water.

Backflow is a phenomenon that occurs when water from our properties flows backward into the pipes. This may not sound so bad, but this backflow of water can contain potential contaminants, which can then enter our drinking water supply and cause major health hazards.

Water pressure levels are a main cause of backflow, with problems either at the mains or at our properties leading to backflow.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices do exactly what it sounds like they do. They prevent water from flowing backwards and polluting our drinking supply. Not every property will need a device, but you might need one if you have:

• Fire hose reels or hydrants
• An underground rainwater tank
• Commercial or industrial machinery
• Water outlets that are close to pollutants
• An irrigation system

Installation and Testing

If you think you might need a backflow prevention device, a local plumber or your council are great places to get clarification.

These devices need to be professionally installed so it’s important to use a licensed plumber. The council’s plumbing inspectors might need to look over your system when it’s installed too.

Once you have a device installed, it’s a legal requirement that you get it tested every 12 months. Again, you can turn to a plumber for this, and they even take care of the results – promptly providing them to the council.

There are also some backflow prevention devices that are not testable. Don’t worry if you already have one of these – it just means that you don’t need to worry about testing.


If you’re part of the Brisbane City Council, you also need to have your device registered. For more information about registration in your area, visit your local council website.

If you’d like to learn more about backflow prevention systems and whether you need a system at your property, call the commercial plumbing experts at Jason’s Plumbing. Our maintenance professionals can answer all your questions, and are fully qualified to take care of your backflow testing needs.


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