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An effective way to ensure that you and your family are drinking clean healthy water is to invest in a water filtration system. However to keep these systems in top working order they will require some care and maintenance.

Servicing and Replacements

How often should we have our water filters looked at, either for servicing or replacements?

While there’s no definitive answer to this question, you should probably have your filter looked at by a professional at least every 12 months. With more regular examinations, it will be more likely that these will be servicing and not replacements. In some cases though, filters will need to be checked at closer intervals – such as every 3-6 months.

Let’s look at a few factors that suggest you should have your filter looked at sooner rather than later.

  1. Water Quality – Not all water is of the same quality and for some people their filter will have to work harder than others. If you live in a rural area or another location where the water quality isn’t as pure, your filter will work harder and will need more regular care.
  2. Water Usage – Of course, the amount of water you use will also determine how often your filter needs replacing. A greater water usage will mean your filter is working harder and it wears out quicker. If your water bill is higher than your neighbours (or what it used to be) you might want to consider more frequent replacements.
  3. Taste Test – Some people say that water has no taste but you will undoubtedly notice a change when the purity level drops. If your water is starting to taste funny this probably means your filter isn’t doing its job properly and that it needs to be looked at.
  4. Filter Quality – Generally speaking, you will get more effective use for longer when you install a higher quality water filter. Always ask for your plumber’s recommendation when having a new water filter installed.

Reasons to Replace Your Water Filter

Now that we’ve explored how frequently you should check your filter, let’s look at a few good reasons why you should replace them.

Remove Organic Matter

Of course, the number one function of a water filter is filtration, meaning it keeps a lot of organic matter out of your drink. This will build up over time though and your filter can only take so much. You may be able to extend the life of your filter through regular maintenance, but eventually it will need to be replaced.

Pressure Damage

Your filters can sustain pressure damage over time, especially if the filters have become blocked up in some areas. This excessive water pressure won’t just damage the filter itself, it can even lead to water leaks, meaning damaged filters should be replaced promptly.

Cleaner, Clearer Water

The performance of your filter – and the quality of your water – is the number one reason to invest in filtration in the first place. Just like cars or shoes or pipes, filters will decline in performance over time, meaning the quality and taste of your water is compromised. Regularly replacing your filter is a guaranteed way to prevent this.

If you want to know if it’s time to replace your water filter in Brisbane, or for complete water filter services, contact the professional plumbers at Jason’s Plumbing. From maintenance to replacement and expert advice, we’ll take care of it all for you.