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The importance of installing quality plumbing fittings and fixtures.

Life is expensive, there’s no doubt about it. And we’re all looking for ways to make our dollar go further. In the hardware sector there’s lots of competition so this can be great for the consumer who benefits from lower prices. However sometimes a bargain really is too good to be true and the old saying “you get what you pay for” is certainly correct.

Cheap plumbing products may cost you more than you bargained for.

There are many cheap plumbing products entering the Australian market and whilst some may be satisfactory others just end up costing you more money and may be downright dangerous. All plumbing products for installation in Australia need to meet Australian Standards and plumbers are obliged by law to only install certified products. So that tapware you bought so cheaply at an internet auction may not even be able to be installed. While we’re on the subject of buying from non-plumbing supply outlets, it is important to make sure that all parts required to install the fixture or fitting are included in the purchase. Ripped and open boxes often mean the products inside have been tampered with and some small but vital part may have fallen out of the box.

There are also some cheap products available from hardware stores that do meet Australian Standards but are actually harder for plumbers to install than the more expensive items. A great example of this is some of the cheaper toilet suites. Whilst you may have saved on the cost of the purchase of the toilet you actually end up paying more for the installation. There is also the issue of the maintenance of these products which may be more expensive for the entire life of the product.

So how do I know if I’m purchasing a quality product?

Product suppliers that deal exclusively with plumbing products such as Reece Plumbing & Bathrooms or Samios Plumbing Supplies will have extensive knowledge of these fixtures and fittings and are constantly getting feedback from plumbers about what is good and what isn’t.

Ultimately it pays to have a conversation with your plumber before buying plumbing fixtures and fittings as they are the ones who will be doing the installation. The commercial plumbing experts at Jason’s Plumbing will be happy to advise you on the most cost effective fixture and fitting choices for your plumbing job.