Jason’s Plumbing has the equipment and expertise to manage all commercial and industrial drain failures. We are able to attend to all sanitary drainage systems such as typical gravity feed systems, systems with triple interceptors/grease traps, septic tanks and pump wells. Storm water drainage systems can also be cleared and repaired.

Clearing blocked drains

Staff at Jason’s Plumbing will choose the appropriate equipment to clear your drain. They may use hand rods, electric cable auger, high pressure hydro jetter or a combination of these. This choice will depend on ability to access the drain, angle of the drain pipes and bends, the age of the pipe work and the nature of the blockage.

In some instances drains cannot be cleared by use of machinery. If this is the situation, exposing the pipe and cutting in will be the only way to remove/clear the blockage.

In the case of some commercial and industrial drains it is necessary to dispose of trade waste before drains can be cleared and repaired. Jason’s Plumbing can organise this service.

Inspection of drains

All drains will be inspected by CCTV after they have been cleared. CCTV footage can be recorded for future reference. Post clearage inspection ensures that the drain is now cleared and the cause of the blockage is likely to be apparent. Based on the outcomes of the inspection a course of action for future maintenance or repair of the drain will be advised.

Drain locating

Jason’s Plumbing staff can use drain locating equipment to track the course and depth of a drain. This is an essential pre-build service when building in proximity to existing drains. In the case of drain failure, locating equipment can be used to pinpoint the site of drain damage to reduce the amount of excavation required to repair a drain.

Remediation of drains

When drains require remediation Jason’s Plumbing will advise the best course of action. Some drains are suitable for “no dig” pipe sleeving. Many will be better dealt with via manual or machine excavation to fully expose the pipe, allowing for the damaged section to be replaced. Jason’s Plumbing can organise concrete cutting services if this is required.