Waste water from the washroom or the kitchen flows in almost freely through the drain pipes but free-flow is obstructed when some solid or insoluble material or waste of some kind gets into it. These substances thrown out along with waste water, knowingly or unknowingly, are known as ‘trade waste.’ Trade waste contaminates land, pollutes the air and water resources as well as ground water. Drinkable water when mixed with trade waste cannot be used for human or animal consumption or even for agriculture. Substances like human waste or storm water etc are not counted in the trade waste. The cause of concern is that trade waste is generated by some particular business houses and it gets mixed up with water supply system.  

Food services and other commercial businesses are chiefly responsible for trade waste.

Many food service houses including restaurants, though having proper waste disposal system in place, place left-over food material into drains for convenience quite unwittingly. This trade waste is detrimental to the drainage system as also to the environment at large.

Commercial businesses, manufacturing units and other industrial units wash away their trade waste along with untreated water in the outlets. This trade waste can cause irreparable damage to the environment.       

All kinds of trade pertaining to commercial refrigeration and air conditioning contribute their lot to the trade waste. 

How do we manage trade waste?

Jason’s Plumbing are able to assist you with problems arising from trade waste by:

  • Undertaking inspections of sewerage infrastructure in the building to determine if there is any degradation or damage, and recommend what remedial steps should be taken;
  • Demonstrating to clients as to how to responsibly treat and dispose of trade waste, to prevent environmental damage;
  • Implementing solutions for responsible waste disposal, and downstream recycling of water.