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Preventing Floods – Check Your Flexible Water Connections

In modern homes, flexible water hoses are fast replacing standard copper pipe installation. These versatile hoses are commonly installed from the wall outlet to taps under sinks, basins and toilets. All tapware – whether mixer or hob mounted can include flexible hoses as part of their hardware. These hoses are also used in toilets, and replace the copper pipe connecting the water from the stop tap to the cistern.

While flexible hoses are the preferred option for many installations, they are also the leading cause of house flooding. In fact, the majority of house and business floods stem from a burst flexible hose. Not only is internal flooding inconvenient and frustrating, it is also costly. It is worth noting that a burst hose under the kitchen sink will stream water out at a rate of 1,500 litres per hour.

Checking Your Connection

Flexible hoses are hardy, but they can be put under great strain if damaged and any fault will be exposed as the structure breaks down. The good news is that a burst flexible hose is largely preventable. Simply perform periodic checks on your flexible hose to ensure it has not begun to break down.

Check your flexible plumbing connections in three easy steps:

  1. Feel the flexi connection with your hand to check for cracks or tears in the outer casing of the woven mesh connection.
  2. Check inside the vanities, under the sink and the toilet cistern for any signs of leaking water and ensure the flexi connector is not loosening.
  3. If in doubt, contact Brisbane’s leading commercial plumber, Jason’s Plumbing. Our experienced team will check your flexi connections to ensure no unexpected leaks arise.

Other Signs of Flooding

Flooding is a surprise no home or business owner wants to be greeted with. However, if you catch the early signs, you can prevent extensive damage and frustration.  With house and business flooding such a widespread problem, it’s hardly surprising that burst flexible hoses are one of the most common commercial and plumbing repair jobs.

Bursts can occur for many reasons, including age, misuse and damage. Next time you check for signs of trouble, ask yourself:

  • Have unexplained puddles been appearing in your kitchen or bathroom?
  • Are patches of mould appearing in cupboards, on the wall behind your shower or on your ceiling?

If so, you may have a burst pipe.

If your water connections are overdue for a check-up, or they need to be fixed, repaired or rerouted, simply call the friendly team at Jason’s Plumbing. We offer a comprehensive commercial plumbing service, including commercial plumbing maintenance, repair, backflow testing and more.