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Talking about toilets can be a tricky subject, because most of the time it’s one we want to avoid. Most of us simply take the toilet for granted and some of us even take advantage of it, using it for things that it should never be used for.

Some people assume that because they can flush away waste that we can use our toilets to dispose of anything. But using the throne as a fancy rubbish bin can cause havoc for both the environment and your personal plumbing.

We all know what belongs down a toilet, but today we’re going to explore some things that don’t belong down the toilet.

Don’t Flush the Fat

Most of us know that washing fats and oils down the sink isn’t a good idea. What many of us don’t seem to know is that flushing them down the toilet is just as bad. Whether in a liquid state or a more solid form, fats and oils should never be disposed of via your plumbing. This is because they can line the walls of your pipes, eventually causing blockages and other major damage.

For any fats that you don’t want to reuse, always throw them in the bin, either inside a paper towel, or secured in a jar or tin for larger, solidified quantities.

Wet Wipes Won’t Flush

This is a bit of a tricky one, because moist towelettes or wet wipes look very similar to toilet paper, and we all know that can go down the toilet. Unfortunately though, it’s not the same story with wet wipes, which can back up your toilet and cause major blockages in your drainage system due to the wet wipes not breaking down like toilet paper.

There have even been cases overseas where makers of wipes advertised as flushable have been sued for the damage these moist towels have caused. While we’re on the topic, the same thing goes for paper towel, which has not been designed to break down like toilet paper.

Toilet paper

Yes, toilet paper can actually be the cause of a blocked drain. Well, too much toilet paper to be exact. These days, toilets are very water efficient. That means each time you flush only the minimum amount of water is used to clear the bowl and pipes to the main sewer system. But this means if you are a bit heavy handed with the toilet paper the bowl might not clear. Large amounts of paper can build up in the drainage pipes as well, due to the lower amounts of water flushed with modern toilet suites. Use what you need but you might need an extra flush. You should also never try to flush the cardboard from the inside of the roll.

Disposable Nappies

Some nappies are made to be disposable, but they’re not made to be disposed down the toilet, and here’s the simple reason. Nappies are useful because they’re absorbent and can reduce discomfort for young children. If you put a highly absorbent product into a swirling bowl of water, it will mean bad news for you and your plumbing.

So there is a quick list of things that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. If you’d like to add to the list, feel free to post a comment and spread the message of responsible toilet use.

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